My full name is Ana Marina.
I was born in the north of Spain although I'm currently living travelling as a digital nomad.

I didn't know I wanted to make videos at the beginning, although I've been making them since I was very little. When I was 7 years old, my mother bought an old Sony camera and thanks to that, I made dozens of short shitty movies with my brother and sister. I was very small but I was definitely the director of those movies xD.

When I grew up and I had to choose what to study, I chose to be a ship captain. Not because I loved boats particularly but because I desperately wanted to travel around the world and live lots of adventures. And I do love the sea! (Maybe I loved too many things...). So I did it, and I saw lots of sunrises, sunsets and skies full of stars on boats, but I knew it wasn't my thing. I actually felt really passionate about art, music, moving images, travelling and human stories. Was there a way to combine all this and make a living out of it? Luckily I found an affirmative answer.


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